If you've stumbled across this page by accident, you're probably wondering who the hell I
am and why you would want to browse like me. 

The truth is, it doesn't matter. You don't need to know who I am in order to enjoy the 
luxury of browsing in a lowered, body-kitted version of Firefox that will make you the
envy of nerds.

Get the extensions:

If you haven't already, go to  the "Browse Like Steve" collection at the Firefox 
Add-ons site and install all plugins applicable for your platform.

For those using Windows, also install the MuPDF plugin here

Configure Personal Menu:

Right click on stop/reload button and click configure, leave only keyhole, 
stop/reload, url bar, search bar, history menu*, personal menu*. (* linux/windows only)

 Linux/Windows only: Left click personal menu button, then click "Edit This Menu...", 
 click the purple diskette icon at the bottom in the center of the personal menu options 
 window, then copy & paste the following text into the window that appears


Remove unneccessary clutter:

 Linux/Windows only: Disable the status bar by clicking View -> Status Bar, then
 disable the Menu Bar by clicking View -> Toolbars -> Menus Toolbar, you can now 
 restore the full Menu Bar by pressing the Alt key, while most options are available
 in the Personal Menu button.

 Mac: Disable the status bar by clicking View -> Status Bar

Configure Fission:

Go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Fission -> Options, check "Active 
link/mouse-over link in the address bar"

Install the userscript available here to give the fission progress 
bar a platform native appearance.

You're now ready to commence browsing like Steve! Yay!

ow ready to commence browsing like Steve! Yay!